Ashford University National Campaign

Breaking out with a unique message of inclusion and forward-thinking. If technology has changed so much of our lives, why not education?

Technology has changed almost every aspect of modern life. It has dramatically altered the way we communicate with each other, purchase books, learn a new language, and find love. Why can't technology help people earn their degree? Especially those who don't have the luxury of quitting their jobs, leaving their families, or moving to be near a campus. Technology changes everything.
New York Times Ad
This ad allowed users to interact with it using their smart phones and watch a video for each of the four people. The additional messaging allowed us to leverage technology in a way that spoke to the campaign message.
 USA Today Ad
A Day in the Life Videos
To help support the campaign, we developed a suite of video assets that profiled a handful of Ashford University students and looked at how online education has given them the opportunity to complete their degree. While we had done many student profiles in the past, with these we asked the students specifically how technology provided the mechanism for earning their degree.
We found that the stories shared several themes: how students are supported by their families, how they fit school into their busy lives, and what earning their degree means for them.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Chicago
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