Giving Bridgepoint, Ashford, and Rockies a voice and a vision.

After six years of rapid growth, we decided that we should re-visit our brand values and voice to ensure that communications across our three brands are consistent with our long-term strategy. The outcome was not a new direction for each organization, but actually articulating what we had been doing and distilling the results into brand promises, voices, and values.  While the voice of each brand are distinct, the values of Ashford University and University of the Rockies stem from their parent organization.

The articulated brand strategy gave us an opportunity to review the visual identity of each organization and bring them into alignment. We found that the more traditional look of Ashford and Rockies' logos did not fit with the innovative education model of each institution and didn't reflect our values. The new logos utilize a modern take on the traditional shield element that is found in both institutions' academic seals.
Animated logo treatments:
To roll out the new identity and brand values to the organizations we developed a two guidebooks: one for the majority of the staff that provided an overview, and one for leadership and key brand communicators that went into more detail.
Agency: Siegel+Gale
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