Bridgepoint TV & Video Assets

Telling Bridgepoint's story to the San Diego community.

In a few short years, Bridgepoint has grown from a small start-up to one of the largest employers in San Diego. As the organization grew, we wanted to increase our local brand presence to help with recruiting top-notch talent and highlight our efforts to be a good corporate citizen.
Agency: Morris Communications
Community Involvement
Several times throughout the year, Bridgepoint Education organizes a community giving project that leverages our staff and gives them an outlet to make a difference. These short vignettes highlight a few of the projects for both internal consumption and will be used for Bridgepoint's Community Impact Report.
Agency: Bridgepoint Creative Bureau
This is a TV spot that ran in the local San Diego market for Bridgepoint to enhance brand awareness in the area and highlight the company's community involvement.
Agency: Morris Communications
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