Developing innovative software solutions to bring education into the 21st century.

Bridgepoint Education produces several software platforms to enhance learning outcomes for students. One such platform is Constellation, an enhanced course content delivery system.
I helped develop the original concept, user experience, and user interface for Constellation and am listed on the patent application (US Patent Application #20110264694) as a co-inventor. 
While the platform was known internally as Constellation, when the decision was made to market the platform externally we needed to come up with a new name: Thuze. Thuze is being marketed to traditional college students as an alternative to heavy books and static eBook platforms. 
Bridgepoint launched Thuze to the public at the Consumer Electronic Show in 2011.
Agency: Morris Communications
Agency: Bridgepoint Creative Bureau
Bridgepoint's other major platform is Waypoint Outcomes. Waypoint is used by education institutions around the United States to inject more data and analytics into the grading process.
Agency: 50,000 feet
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