Who am I?

My synopsis on design and business.

I'm not here to make things pretty.
I'm here to solve problems.​​​​​​​
Problems such as how to communicate to customers, how to align the promise of advertising with what the organization delivers, how to make a brand world-famous, and how to drive results to the bottom line. I change existing situations into preferred ones. Beauty is just a by-product. 
It is important to foster innovation in every organization because innovation is what sets you apart from the competition. The problem is that real innovative leaps don’t happen on command; it takes a culture of innovation to identify the next big thing. Innovation requires people to lead the process – designers who know how to ask the right questions and to pick out key insights. 
I am a strong believer in the design process and how much value it adds to an organization. Design should not be limited to marketing and advertising, but used in product development, internal processes, strategy, and much more. It is the unknown that design practices expose and allows us to create a better solution. 
When developing a new idea, collecting information is a vitally important aspect of understanding the “who, what, where, why, and how,” but it is easy to get thrown off by bad data. Research from focus groups and surveys only access the conscious mind, which is not the guiding force of action for people. People make decisions based on feelings, and those are not always succinctly communicated through words. Interacting with something new and different often creates feelings that make people uncomfortable, but when you do something that is both different and good, you have something that stands apart – interrupting people’s patterns and garnering attention. That is why being able to truly understand people’s feelings is a competitive advantage. 
So that’s a little bit of my thinking, and I’d love to talk more about it. Feel free to reach out and we can chat.  MRiesenberg@gmail.com
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